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Humanly form of the divine is not a condemnable action; rather it is the truth of life.

  • To support my statement before I plunge forth, it is in Quran – He is in your own self, will you not then see’. (Az-Zariyat – 21). This is in Hadith-e- Qudsi  “I was a hidden Treasure then I desired to be known so I created  a creation (this cosmos) to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me.”

Man is rather a great creation, for the power of speech, perfection in internal multiple system functionality, the territory of lesser understood mind, power of speech, and the SOUL (the light of divine, amar of Allah swt if we dare say so, is HAQQ indeed) all imbibe, this almost divine creature, almost unexplored to it’s real self, as the search of self is an enigma since inception, indeed the best of the creator’s creation is man, if we understood half of self we may understand THE ONE who mastered us into manifestation.

We are limitless beings having a spiritual experience in a physical form for a temporary number of days in this dominion called Earth (yet to explore the millions of galaxies, planets, stars and secrets of the universe.)

We know very little and that leaves a whole lot of knowledge to be obtained, which is why ILM is superior than Amal, the delight remains so… if ILM is not converted to action it becomes lower then AMAL, and both are insignificant if EMAN is absent. Knowledge is light, and the ONLY power to connect with our SOURCE ( the Divine).

Incarnate, is an apt name for our workshop sessions based primarily on Confidence Building tactical formation of our personalities. There are many aspects to glorification of self, I believe the most supreme is, KNOWING and what supersedes that is BEING.

In our session we shall only guide you to seek your ownself, it is not a trivial task though admittance to a seeker of self in this session is a bid to grow beyond limited perception of self, to find the hidden treasure of self within, our hidden talents, our lost voice, our senses, appearances, all that I know of myself was a very limited information, now we are conducting this easy workshop, where we are agreeing to the willingness of growth of self, awareness of self and build our confidence in every manner to seek what gives us the meaning of life.

I hope we achieve as seekers what masters sought.

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