Ashiq e Mustafa (saw) ki Azaan


Shrine of Ghaus e Azam

Darvīsh Mystics are the pure—- Tajdar e Haram

We are the ummati of Muhammad (saw), we praise THE praiseworthy in our Zikr, in our Hamd o Naat, our sanah is a means of acquiring his proximity in any manner possible, love needs words and expression, I believe man tries to keep close ties to people, places, even fragrance of similarity of his beloved, Nabi Kareem (saw) too used to send gifts to Hazrat Khadija (R.A)’s sister much after her demise, and he would stand up for her as her voice reminded him of his beloved, our umm ul momineen.
This is just a man’s nature to hold on to their true love (ishq), and my father was no different in his way of expressing love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), by trying to keep ties with his sanah’khwaan, the Sufis, mytics and Qawwals.
The subcontinent is full of spiritual beings, some being descendants of the Holy Prophet (saw), such as Al-Sayed Muhiyuddin Abu Muhammad Abdul Qadir al-Gilani al-Hasani wal-Hussaini  (also known as Ghaus e Azam). I realised the love my father had for these Aulia pak, as I was taken into his wings during infancy dependent upon a major reason, I was the granddaughter of his beloved Peer saab Syed Aal e Hassan Ashrafi  Hasni wal Hussaini (descent of Ghaus Pak, from Ashrafi, Chishti, Qadri & Jillani in sync), Daddy loved him immensely and hence he loved me with all his mighty heart for as much as I know what the meaning of giving and loving means. Daddy was in love with ahl e bait, as a true devotee and lover, he used to hold Qawwali mehfils at our residence for as long as I recall, Zaki Taji used to be our regular, whether  for giyarween sharif (the 11th of every month), my sister’s weddings or at the Urs of my grandfather at Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine on the 5th of Ramzan ul Mubarak, daddy had an immense collection of the Sabri Brothers Qawwali cassettes (which used to bore me at that time, because he used to play them during our long road trips, travelling throughout Pakistan), little did I know these Qawaalis would be my regular playlist during my 1 ½ -2 hour driving trips driving through Dubai, at work and years earlier to & fro from work to home, I hadn’t realised when & how these Qawaalis energised me and brought peace & concentration to my senses. Basically deep down it was one of my last way to connect with my departed father, by listening to his favourite tunes I have been trying to keep one part of him inside my heart, so he hears what I do, I try and feel what he used to , But I could never even get close to that feeling, daddy used to get in a kaifiyat we call *haal* ana, I have not been there yet, this s one connection like I eat Nihari sometime, (my father’s favourite food, ummm I am not a meat eater at all, this is the only food I have meat in for the sake of his remembrance).

Anyhow, daddy was a bait from Huzoor Sarkar E Kalan Hazrat Syed Mukhtar Ashraf Ashrafi, so was I ( I cudn’t understand why he would have these huge mounted photographs of these saintly men high up on the wall of his office, he was totally besotted with the love, it often shaped in high respect, ( my daddy was a filthy rich, hardworking and man of a regal personality, I was too young to understand who these men were that, my father was standing up for in absolute respect for),  daddy had taken us to many shrines in his lifetime in India we went to Ajmer Sharif Dargah, it is a sufi shrine (Dargah) of sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti, Sehwan Sharif to saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and various others. I have some Persian, Turkish,  and Indian ancestry I believe, my soul has travelled the worlds before acquiring a physical self, I used to share my insights (dreams and senses, which daddy termed as *Ziyarat*, which only he understood, and we shared secretly, as per his advice I have learnt to keep me to myself).  He had a huge collection of chaddars, as tabbaruk and respect from all the places he visited, he brought back tremendous gifts, he would often tell us stories and that interested me in to finding of self.

Amjad Sabri (shaheed), and I interacted just recently, he was a light-hearted and respectful man as per our conversations, that is my lasting impression of him, he had high aspirations of taking the Pakistani media on a bigger global platform, he was in Houston when we spoke, he was working a film with Indian celebrities, Anil Kapoor and had offered me to work with him on the roughly titled “Bankay Don”, he wanted director Rajkumar Santoshi to direct his venture, he came for Coke Studio and Ramzan kareem in his homeland, was to film in August after a press conference to be held in Dubai. My sole agenda was to form a tiny bond with the son of the man my father induced in my childhood as a lover of Nabi kareem (saw), his style of praise of our beloved was my daddy’s connection that lives with me since 14 years ago he passed away on 18th of Ramzan 2002, for the sake of my father I wanted to align with this man, but life has other plans for us, he is with both his and my father, these men are rare and love our beloved with all their heart, they have spent their entire lives praising ahl e bait and serving their rights upon them.
I will always remember my daddy through his favourite qawaalis……majority of which are of the Sabris. This is part of my inheritance that shall stay with me.

Sar e la’makan se talab huii, Tajdar e Haram, Milta hai kya namaz main, Bhar do Jholi, Zihal e Miskeen, Chaap Tilak, Saweray Saweray and an entire ocean of praises.

May we live and die in a state of love (Amin).