Sitara o Hilal


The apple does not fall far from the tree, we all have heard of this phrase and most certainly are roots are deeply engrained within us and define our identity no matter which colour of passports we may carry, we are one & the same belonging to our beloved homeland, we care, love and contribute toward the upliftment of our own nation to build, form and strengthen unity across borders, regardless, well this festive season I just about felt a very positive whiff of entertainment entwined with religious celebrations alongside.

This is not a review (paid or otherwise), I just like to express what I feel via my blog post, so here goes… despite a slow recovery from Corneal Ulcer in my left (yeah, just had Lasik done 4 days ago), But I just have this passion to promote and support our rise in any manner possible, hence I decided to spend day 2 of  Eid ul Adha, watching Pakistani films (this is the 1st time in years that ONLY Pakistani films have seen their release in all cinema screens across country) so Yes it is a big deal for us.

Fahad Mustafa starrer Actor in Law is an Urdu1 presentation with cross-border acclaimed actor Om Puri in a pivotal role alongside the lead star and eye candy Mehwish Hayat (spot on as the character she played), the script was very well written and the film was an out & out entertainer, cinemas were jam-packed and there were no shows available in most places, YES.. we have made it !!!!!! (almost there BUT yes.) The message in the movie was strong, loud & in your face with tactfully handled humour and drama galore.
There is always room for betterment and we grow as we go.. so all is appreciated as we were shown the mirror much in the movie, sometimes rather In your face & direct (takes guts to go that way, learn from Maalik, we have guts to glory)

In a hustle I pushed my retina to its dry bit and rushed to catch another mainstream masala movie mad by a very lively young bunch of newbies and produced by ARY FILMS, *Janaan*.. love the cast, the cute & vividly hot looking bearded men, the rustic Pushtoon culture imbibed in glitz and beautifully woven colours of values, language and socially relevant messages (not in your face type).

Let me mention what was WRONG with the movie ( before the *Critics* start jumping in their measly minority, the Pushto subtitles were missing (which would have really helped me understand some of the humour I missed), the editing should be more crisp and definitely new actors must come through some acting workshops prior to their launch & role prep a tad more to match their BEAUTIFUL features with power-packed performances to back a good script.

Now for the good parts, well as I mentioned I am ailing and had no completion to have a Pakistani movie marathon, nor was I sent on free passes that I just had to pounce on this offer, it was merely for the love of movies & my own country’s movies 😀 proudly so!…Let us forgo minor glitches as true patriots, even Katrina is a wooden actor till date despite years in the industry, the way Indians groom, value, appreciate (monetarily & media-wise), their new & old entertainers alike, their own and our own are flourishing just as their cinemas are growing, the economy is boosting, the film, music and app industry are booming alike, we need to keep our eye on the ball and grow simultenously despite our limitations, studio-wise, equipment-wise and post-production facility-wise we have a long way to go, with only one locally recognised acting school, we are still doing the best in our tied capacity and low margins.

The other side of the world still considers us a backward burqa-clad, assumingly terrorist nation, especially in the northern beyond beautiful areas SWAT being a major target of negativity in news channels across the globe, while our major human resource have decided to head abroad and settle there, the others have assumed the Pushtoons as a terrorizing breed, *JANAAN* breaks all these facades in the most mild manner, depicting an luminous family and how there is no need for all the hoopla without actually LIVING the truth, I loved the art direction, the way the valley has been captured and how it may bring a turn of events and Tourism may boost again in the region that puts Switzerland to shame HAH!

It nonetheless reckons & reinstates that people of the valley are pro-education, especially for the girl child (hence Ms. Malala was a one-off case NOT how we are as a nation) this film has parched child abuse issues, education, tourism and cultural misconceptions besides very perkily presenting us with a slight regional language and provincial segment root, that we may not otherwise be so pro toward or head out and actually watch a PUSHTO or Punjabi film for that matter, so this film actually paves path for regional cinema rejuvenation as well, I did not just end up watching a lame love story, I came back happy and hopeful for a newer version of us being depicted in a positive image across the world, which is what the media needs to highlight, and we must ONLY speak positive about our country, so we earn respect for ourselves.  

I have been an expat for a big chunk of my life, we used to catch Pakistani movies there as well as rarely as they would see a release, and me in my tiny capacity would also promote them via some Event companies I was affiliated with. Anyway, we had no obligation to come down & vote but this time… times are changing and WE must decide to change rather than wait for change to be imposed upon us, we need to start behaving and reacting as representatives of Pakistan (in our talk, statuses on Facebook, in our behaviour etc), if we consider ourselves as Brand Ambassadors of Pakistan, we would behave wisely and conduct ourselves in a dignified manner (enough preachy venting out, now let’s talk)…

I Syeda Nazea Amin Faheem am MADE in Pakistan and I am Brand Pakistan.

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