Tu kuja man Kuja


They say .. thy LORD resides in you heart .. then go ahead and break my heart anyway .. they say HE created my face HIMSELF, yet they discriminate me on the basis of color, they say the Quran covers my head, somehow I have been left unveiled, they say I am so pure once I die, neither man nor my child can hug me again, yet they leave me behind as if there were no relation holding us together.. THEY say.. within the realm of TRUTH .. there is no THEY, there only lies the whisperers. In life there came a time when i seeked within instead of validation from those who matter not, I closed my eyes & shut my ears, to hear my voices of self, there lied sublimity and divine proximity..what I sought what seeking me as well (Rumi).

Having studied many forms of self development, ascribed as the KHUDI school of thought by Iqbal, I read Rumi, Khalil Gibran and many derveshes hoping my master shall seek me as well, they say when the student is ready the master appears.

Like an onion i try unfolding the drapes of dirt over my soul, my relentless search goes on in hope & despair. The moment I live in the NOW and try to let go of the dominant “I” in my SELF .. I believe I shall be greeted by the SELF, I — as absolute, alone, dire in need of being succumbed to its own vices, the EGO, (NAFS) the greatest war since decades has always been between the NAFS & KHUDI, it was never about THEM (the people) nor the whisperer (SATAN), it was forever YOU and I ..

Meri khush qismati main tera ummati ………. tere gun aur yeh labb …. main talab hi talab ….

Whichever state we live, so shall we perish in the same… well my sole hope and reliance shall as always be to come victorious and find ME …

Amal ki mere asaas kya hai … ba’juz nadamat k paas kya hai ????

Rahay salamat tumhari nisbat … mera toh ik aasra yehi hai ..