The Gifted Woman

Nisa fell down the stairs with each tumble she came closer to her near-death experience, well her entire life span like a thousand light jolts in her head and one specific flashback was that day she had lost her self in her own eyes, it was easy to sum up this little angel’s life in two words, she was a profound person with a heart of gold and a temper like a volcano. It was not too long ago when she had found the man of her dreams, but like all love stories this one was short-lived as they always are, he was already married to another woman, and since it was a childhood marriage, nothing could be done to undo this socio-politically bonded relation which unlike hers was not stemmed out of sheer love and the desire to be with this one man had led her life into the most turbulent of affairs of which Nisa had no even dreamt.
It was in her heart of hearts the ardent desire to tell her lover at least once that she was in absolute awe of his persona and loved him dearly, though she agreed that their alliance could never have been possible, she stepped into his den, as he turned with this glisten on his face, the dark fiery eyes and yet a hazy smile sat on that glowing rounded face, “I believe you are here with an important agenda, how may I be of service to you?”, “I have come here with one pivotal fact to be disclosed to you, though it may not appear appropriate, I am madly in love with you, since the day I sat my eyes on your soul, I have desired to be your bride till death do us part.”, to my sheer surprise, he did not seem displeased at my revelation, nor appeared surprised, as I stood with a heart that pounded like a million elephants running amidst the nightfall, he spoke in the most beautiful deep baritone voice, “Nisa, my dear, I love you as much as you do, since we were children but only today have I understood the meaning of love as I no longer have the ability to live falsely created relationships as real anymore”, to both our alarming dismay, entered his sly wife who had heard every word of our expressions, without a blink of an eye, she started cursing and ranting away as if she were the victim, rather a villain to my eyes, she pushed Nisa down the stairs and here she was breathing her final breath, at the feet of her beloved, who could only stand aimlessly and wish he had expressed his true love with the capability of fulfilling his true dreams, but not all men that look strong may end up being as they appear, this man was a weak person, a coward who could not save his love or his beloved, or his own self from the harm his soul caused so many people.
Nisa’s last words were,”I shall await you in the next life, as your woman”. indeed this young lady was a gifted woman, she bore the gift of unconditional giving and loving, with no returns.


This short paragraph is my final assignment for my “Creative Writing” course, I guess I was not inspired enough but I need the following answers;

What did you think of my main character’s actions?” Or : “Were there any parts that seemed confusing or hard to follow?”