Syeda Nazea Amin Faheem– Yani Main..

nazea hamdan

My daddy was a millionaire businessman & CEO of an Afghan company, he was a C.A, a mathematician, we had a huge office in our house & I recall him auditing for consecutive days at end, exporters, shipping and all kinds of people visited his grand sanctuary, he ran few diverse businesses like my brother had a terry towel & sports goods factory, he had a marble & textile factory, he was a wonderful giver, so I know what being raised as an arrogant brattish me 1st kind of child is like being, rigorously pampered, well-read, well-travelled, well-educated and yet spoilt to the core as we all were, me being the youngest of all siblings and my name being Nazea= Naz karnay wali (never liked this proud kind of name & tried changing it to Nisa as well But….) Somehow at the age of 17, I decided to put myself through a grinding process in order to shape up my very mercuric personality, and I started out by doing some short courses of my interest and later on as an intern at a multinational firm in the Marketing dept., during the 1st ITCN ASIA event I was with Netsol I.R, Xenon solutions, NCR & Americom Technologies, I had trained PIA & Indus TV call centre agents and my next internship was at the ABN AMRO & Standard chartered banks again in the marketing depts.

I had laid my foundation but we are what we shape up as a child, there was a lot of reconstruction to be done, I had just finished my O’s & A’s in all three boards, Oxford, Cambridge & London and in all 3 majors, Arts, Commerce & Science, I had been sent for education to a co-ed Canadian school, I had passion & drive all along BUT was not sure what I wanted to pursue as am not very ambitious, nor did I have the need for money ever. I never attended college or university (except to appear for my B.A & M.A examinations, meanwhile I did a bundle of short courses, trainings & 2 years of APTECH as all my friends were becoming tech savvy in the Y2K days.) I have a flair for writing, so I always wrote in the Dawn news, Young World section, I tried my hand as an editor in SHE, Women’s Own, Good Food magazines and later as a blogger. From the Marriot hotel, Al Nahyan, Etisalat, Standard Chartered, EMAAR, Damac Web-bookers, Fast business services, my portfolio reeks of the Middle East, for I set foot in that domain since 2008 & relocated in 2012-2016. Still figuring things out having worked with the UAE government & royalties, Saudi, Kuwaiti Royals, Pakistani Ministries, and Govt. Of course not forgetting the current President of USA, I have an illustrious list of my corporate endeavours along with luminous interactions, alhamdullilah, Allah swt has been extremely kind and life has been rewarding.

But like a filmy baby, I have some keeray which have stayed in me since forever and sometimes I nurture them as that is my actual calling & passion, so I do keep my media related work side by side my 9 to 5 alternatives, I have been a live Tv show host on Indus Vision, an R.J on 105 & 107 FM, I have been a trained theatre actor by the likes of Mr. Zia Mohayeuddin, Rahat Kazmi, Talat Husssain sab to name a few at NAPA institute and recently did Acting, Directing & Script writing workshops in New York Film Academy, I have been with the Karafilm Festival since 2004-2007 having worked with Hasan Zaidi, infact I even quit my job with Fakhar e Alam in Client Servicing to volunteer at Kara to meet my favourite actor, Pooja Bhatt, I am eccentric that way. I was with Zoheb Hassan during the last Face of the Year contest as Marketing Manager & adored me for obvious reasons (my name being Nazea, named after his sister & legend the late Nazia Hassan), I have worked in theatre with Shah Shahrabeel on Bombay Dreams, Hazaar Dastaan during SABZ. List of work goes on endlessly as I have modelled for the best, Wafa Khan at the Academy of Aesthetics, Sameera Abid at A Square & Esmod Institute in Dubai, Plitz & Chelsea in New York as a plus size model, I just did some workshops in Chelsea & with Mario (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist) as well in New York.

I have been with the Ministry of events, Muse & eMatterz in UAE for various Indian film projects & promotions. Working with the superstars Mr. Shahrukh Khan with Red Chillies Productions was an ultimate experience and I learnt a lot, with Mr. Salman Khan during the Being Human brand launch at MOE was a delight as well, I have represented Pakistan on various platforms in my limited time and capacity as & wherever possible being active on global cultural forums and an ardent member & participant of many firms, groups and teams that give me accessibility to avail such opportunities.

I have been a guest speaker at the Youth & Social Affairs Ministry, worked with Young Social Reformers as Director Marketing during their Tipping Point event, actively worked on donor campaigns for the Kiran Vocational Centre, and my own I-Marketeer workshop called Incarnate, which is primarily about personality development, been a speaker for Entrepreneurship at KASBIT University, speaker for Marketing at IQRA University IBA University, trainer at the NCR  Netsol Technologies ITCN ASIA  Avaya ITCN ASIA  PIA Call Centre  UFONE Etisalat International Gulf Group (UAE) BULLDOG TRG (KHI) EMAAR Pakistan.

My few Membership include, ITCN ASIA (E-Commerce Gateway 2000-2002) Canadian Business Council (UAE) Pakistan Business Council (UAE) Youth Advocacy Network Young Social Reformers EPB SMEDA Arts Council KUJ Youth Parliament Sindh Youth to end Sexual Violence (Blogger) Participatory Youth Development Network Pakistan Association for Young Leaders Development & Training Organization. Recently I have been associated with Project Heads at the Silicon Valley, Cisco & Amazon in the USA.

My few certifications of approx.40 are as few, Creative Writing Craft of Plot in which I scored a 100% from Wesleyan University, Leadership & skills from Michigan University, Self-Development According to Iqbal Magh e Deen, Airline Ticketing from Grace, Flight Services from Airline Learning Centre, Sales & Client Relations U.K based training, accent reduction, 4 C’s of Customer services, Sales Banking Policies & Procedures, Train the Trainer.

I did my Business Communication from IBA university to fight my fear of public speaking and giving presentations while standing in front of a huge audience, I am an awardee from the Oxford University for my writing work I won their competition, I had to do my Pre-MBA from Middlesex U.K as my 2 year B.A wasn’t acceptable for further studies, I still have a desire to complete my MBA from a local university, as I feel I am missing that degree, just for my satisfaction.

My film & TV work, Happy New Year, Washington, Chambeli, Ho Mann Jahan, Rangreza, Sehra main Safar, Who Kia Hai?, Thoda sa Asman, Bhatti aur DD, Astrology with Haris Azmi, Chatpatti Mohabbat, never have I once been paid less than a spot boy’s daily wages, never have I once been humiliated for money Alhamdullilah, I have worked as an usher, an extra & FOC out of passion but the way things are done in my own country, is sad, really sad.

Today I have an all-star Linkedin profile, I am a sole owner of my Lifestyle & Marketing consultancy, I work on projects with USA, UAE & PK govt. I feel I am very rooted after such dynamic capacity development, I have earned inner growth, clarity, humility, and I have my principles, experiences and ethics to stand true to myself, yet I am not there yet, I would like to ask a question to those people who belittle you on grounds of their limited perspectives, short term achievements and gigantic egos, WHO ARE YOU???
I have been nice to undeserving people out of sheer fear of Allah swt, I have tried to stay alive in my search for depth in life and broaden my views about sufficiency and success, and what it means to me today, I am on a different journey and my path is differed from those who have a Firauniyat mindset, I would like to share my really short lived life through few of my professional achievements and my soul profile, in order for such entities to at least pay me worth my calibre, pay me on time, pay me or ask me to work without money, BUT do not belittle my ambition, passion and my zeal in order to please your bruised egos, Mera kaam meri poonji bhi hai, mera kirdaar bhi aur mera sarmaya bhi hai, I shall not allow fickle low lives to have me short-sell my treasure because I am made of my experiences, which cannot be stolen.
Saudaayee ka sauda nahi kiya jaata.

Syeda Nazea Amin Faheem … Yaani main ……………………!!!

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