Whatsapp Wajib


I have tried explaining myself over a period of years how it discomforts me to interact with random people at seemingly ODD hours, the anxiety it causes me to respond to varied queries in multiple windows, the stress of BEING SEEN, the pressure of not being able to HANDLE so much cell phone usage, too many shared media files, forwarded jokes, alarming videos and god knows what, well.. I may be weird BUT I am not gonna put myself at suffering due to social media pressure, umm this was my view point from the days of MSN, where I couldn’t bring myself to reply simultaneously to multiple windows that would randomly pop up in between my one on one conversations, some one else would always seek my attention and disrupt my flow of conversation. This was my viewpoint prior to this past one week, where I have come to realise how significant this app has suddenly become for business, workplaces cannot do without it anymore, it has now become an integral part of communication whereas I am still a bit reclusive and old school about adding random people on my Watsapp in my 1st interaction, I believe a level of intimacy must be shared prior to accessing my status, pics, location and basically ALL u need to KNOW about my lifestyle through this peaking sneaking application, which makes me highly uncomfortable and I have no FOMO either, I would rather be old school and SMS, Email for work related communication etc.
Again, I am trying to adhere to changing communication tactics and incorporating them in my lifespace, HOW WRONG AM I for being a people blocker by choice, by not allowing myself to be a part of these dynamics, I am appearing either foolish or snobbish, but I feel I really should embark upon this change since it seems so essential, what was wrong with our lives prior to this fiendish vice??
I am not happy about BEING SEEN ………….so help me god.


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