Leaders are our voice from another


Qualities of a good leader are in accordance to every man’s own perception of life as per his own merit, demographics and experiences.


In my viewpoint, having been a born leader in my own light, the way I sense and feel things, in my capacity to mould per the necessary circumstances and accept the inevitable constant changes in my work and social environment, I always opt to stand out, stay resilient and lead on, seldom have I chosen the trodden path, and majorly opted to carve my footprint toward my own path, be it spiritual or professional.


The qualities one must possess as an able leader are always discerned to be rare and unheard of deeming idealistic as a counterpart of the major herd mentality and anonymity of various followers.


It takes depth of character, courage, vision, foreseeing nature and aptitude of a learned wise abled mind-set, one who can empathise and equalize between varied individuals, someone who can mould, groom, let others shine and put aside own ego for the greater good and tread a pathway for generations to benefit from, leaders are primarily born but a diamond always needs a good carving to become as invaluable as the lessons that need be taught, hence, a leader is an avid learner with an open mind and broad vision with a far sighted return on investment, be it of time or money.


A leader knows when to deal with an iron fist and when to hold back to let the team players devise their own bail out strategy.

 A good leader will always create more leaders and lead by example. He is a voice of the unspoken herd, he can devise plans that last longer then his leadership tenure, his vision sets an example for eons.

 In my opinion the greatest leaders of all time are those whose followers continue being born under his leadership so long as the sun shall shine, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saww, 1400 years ago set an exemplary way of life, a conduct of mannerism for all mankind, in organizing a unified ummah to follow the unseen, the almighty.

Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Hitler and Obama are also good examples of popular leadership but once again in my view, M. Ali Jinnah our leader who led us into a sacred land of free air 72 years ago and now Mr. Imran Khan who has brought back the light of open doors for our nation and once again put the face of Pakistan back on the global map, leaders shift mindsets beyond measures and their trees shall shade the next of kin for the seed the plant shall outlast their lives. Our mothers are the leaders who led us through our lives toward building our new life, every unheard voice is a sound that a leader speaks.

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