Dreams N Detergents


We all have dreams, some that are rooted deep within us, as part of our childhood or as we presume to be our vivid imagination, when we were children and believed in the impossible, believed in the reality of illusions, the wonderland, we believed in heroes and the goodness of humanity.

Well, keeping alive the child within has helped me still realise the power of my dreams, the ones I still dare hold onto, believing in miracles, rainbows and unicorns here I stand on a tight rope above the rapids comprising of gators, that wake only to gulp me down their throats, the bystanders and naysayers, those who command possession in my head & I term them demons of misery & aptly so, their tragic premise in my low key headspace in box number 12, where they shun any chances of me succeeding on the chosen path I tread, for no one knows what thorns wound my feet, what swords stab my back and how far I have been climbing up the Himalayas of my extensively burdened soul by pain of the past (which forebears the loss of many beloved to me), the source of my being now stems from the energy I derive solely from these dreams I soar upon.

Yes, these are dreams of carving a niche for myself in the vast world created for man to serve and praise thy lord, dreams to creating a name for my own worth, my standing (no matter how short or lone), dreams of being a constant in prayers of a traveller, dreams of actualising myself and my individuality.

This fear of what people might think has seldom stopped me in my fiat, I am only now speaking to the ME I know from childhood, whenever one fails to find their true calling or deviates from the source of one’s true self, one must go back to the inner being, in search of that fearless child and embrace the real dream.

My life in a sum of words cannot be described in one blog, but I am now striving to set our once again, agreeing upon one stand that I won’t perish aimlessly, I won’t go astray and I won’t let any amount of security (namingly salary) to woo me. Those roadblocks only pave the yellow brick road toward the castle for me, everything that can possibly go wrong goes so I may succeed.

I will explore all my options of the world within and shall pour out my passion outward and Insha Allah I shall excel at if not anything else but my dreaming attribute.

I dream to build an empire and leave behind a legacy, and so I shall quest the infidel quest for immortality like any other spiritual capitalist.

Sighs ….. Let the world work wonders for the lone wanderer whose spirits shall forever live on. I the myth, I the reality and I the dream.